The Danish Government Extends the Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Programme for Four Years

A broad political majority have extended the trial scheme where doctors can prescribe cannabis for medical use.

With the update and extension of the Danish medical cannabis pilot programme, patients and doctors will soon have access to a portfolio of quality assured medicinal cannabis products which can be used if the patient has not benefitted from the treatment with relevant authorised medicine for pain caused by multiple sclerosis, spinal cord damage, chemotherapy and neuropathic pain.

The pilot program has been extended until 2025 and ensures that all products have the right labelling information, expiry date, content and strength of CBD/THC and a product information leaflet which doctors and patients can access for better understanding how to use the product.

It is also a requirement by Danish Medicines Agency that any medicinal cannabis product imported must be marketed in the country of origin and produced under EU GMP regulations.

At Balancial our job is to find, in-license, import, register and label medicinal cannabis products which conform with any and all regulatory requirements.

Here in early 2022, where the pilot program has just been extended, the Danish market is still characterised by the lack of products. It is only possible to assess so-called flower products in Danish pharmacies. Not a single oil based medicinal cannabis products is assessable at the moment.

We strive to do something about that and during the last year we have been conferring with doctors from various clinical fields to identify those medicinal cannabis products which are most needed by patients.

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