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We envision a world in which medicinal cannabis is available, safe and a preferred treatment method in Europe changing millions of lives for the better.

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Medicinal cannabis has the potential to help someone we know.

Questions and answers on medicinal cannabis can be found on The Danish Medicines Agency’s website

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The Danish Medicines Agency assesses that medicinal cannabis should be considered only for the following indications that are supported by some evidence that medicinal cannabis could have an effect


Painful spasms caused by multiple sclerosis


Painful spasms caused by spinal cord damage


Nausea after chemotherapy


Pain due to a disease of the brain, spinal cord or nerves

Talk to your doctor about your options

Is it legal to obtain medicinal cannabis in Denmark?

Yes, provided you have a prescription from your doctor and the products are dispensed by a pharmacy.

Can i take medicinal cannabis and drive?

Patients taking medicinal cannabis products with THC are advised not to drive. Please discuss with your prescriber if you have any questions or concerns.

What doctors have permission to prescribe medicinal cannabis?

All doctors can prescribe the products in the medicinal cannabis pilot programme, but they have no obligation to do so.

All doctors can prescribe magistral preparations of cannabis, but they have no obligation to do so.

Only neurologists are allowed to prescribe Sativex.

In case a doctor applies for a compassionate use permit for Marinol or Nabilone, the Danish Medicines Agency will make a decision for each specific application.

Can medicinal cannabis be reimbursed?

A political agreement has made cannabis products in the pilot programme eligible for reimbursement from 1 January 2019.

Under the agreement, terminally ill patients will be reimbursed at 100% when buying cannabis products in the pilot programme whereas other patients will be reimbursed at 50% up to an annual reimbursement amount of DKK 10,000. The parties have agreed that the reimbursement will be retroactive, allowing for reimbursement of cannabis products bought in 2018. The reimbursement will be paid on a current basis to terminally ill patients from 1 September 2018 and to other patients from the 1st quarter of 2019.