At Balancial we use quality systems, regulatory procedures, and a data-based mindset from the pharmaceutical industry

Balancial is a Nordic medicinal cannabis company dedicated to the highest quality assurance procedures. Our rigorous testing and dedication to regulatory compliance ensure safe, authorised and trusted medicinal cannabis products.

Bo Tandrup, Pharmacist.


Guidelines for doctors

The Danish Medicines Agency has compiled comprehensive guidelines for physicians' treatment of patients with medical cannabis.

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We are deeply focused on testing and quality assurance and are fully licensed

Licensed by the Danish Medicines Agency


Guidelines for doctors

The Danish Medicines Agency has compiled comphrehensive guidelines for physicians' treatment of patients with medical cannabis.

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We are deeply focused on testing and quality assurance and are fully licensed

Message from the CEO

Bo Tandrup

CEO, M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Medicinal cannabis is a controversial subject. We acknowledge that Doctors are sceptical towards non-authorised medicines with inadequate knowledge of effects and side-effects, but a few important facts should be emphasized.

Firstly, although not exhaustive, we do have some clinical data to support the use of medicinal cannabis. The Danish Medicines Agency has prepared guidelines for doctors based on extensive literature searches, assessments of the review of scientific evidence from the National Academy of Sciences (USA, 2017), evaluation of cannabis schemes in other countries and evaluation of the data leading to previous licensing of cannabis-containing medicines in Europe and the USA.

Secondly, medicinal cannabis is not a substitute for authorised medicines. It is to be tried only if the patient has not benefitted from the treatment with relevant authorised medicine.

Finally, the intention with the Danish pilot programme is to provide a better basis to assess the use of medicinal cannabis. Therefore, quality assured medicinal cannabis products should be made available as long as such products are admitted or approved by the Danish Medicines Agency.

At Balancial we are pharmaceutical industry professionals. We confer with doctors from various clinical fields, select products based on their recommendations and assure that they conform with any and all regulatory requirements before we make them available on the Danish market.

Guidelines for doctors

Balancial’s products should be considered only for the following indications that are supported by some evidence:

  • Painful spasms caused by multiple sclerosis
  • Painful spasms caused by spinal cord damage
  • Nausea after chemotherapy
  • Neuropathic pain, i.e. pain due to a disease of the brain, spinal cord or nerves


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Your patients will ask for your guidance. Stay openminded and informed.

Our team of industry experts who work passionately to unfold the potential of medicinal cannabis

Lars Erik Råen

CEO, Balancial AS. & Chairperson, Balancial ApS and Balancial Gmbh
Background from banking and finance, business development, and as an investor. Has in recent years been involved in development, and financing for several start-ups in Norway and internationally. Co-founder of Balancial and has been a full-time working chairman of the board since 2020. Lars holds a Bachelor of Finance degree from Norwegian School of Business.

Bo Tandrup

CEO, M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bo has a background in product development and project management in the pharma industry. He is behind several successful start-ups in the pharmaceutical industry and has been hired as an advisor to, among others, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey in processes related to acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry. Bo holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy.

Matthias Filkorn

Managing Director (a.l.), Balancial Gmbh
Matthias is the managing director of our German subsidiary. He has worked for 15 years in several medical technology & pharmaceutical companies in leading positions. His main focus is on sales & business development. Matthias holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Health Economics from the Universities of Cologne and Bremen.

Nina Askgaard

Competent Person / Quality Assurance
Nina is holding the regulatory title of the «Competent Person» and is responsible for Balancial's QMS system. She has extensive experience as a pharmacist and manager within Quality Assurance as Qualified Person and Quality Control and has worked at Novo Nordisk and AlfaNordic among other companies. Nina holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy.

Christine Abraham

COO & Head of Quality Management
Christine comes from the position as General Manager for Medizinalcannabis Vertriebs GmbH in Austria where she was involved from and early stage and were instrumental in establishing their Quality Management System and obtaining the necessary certifications to operate within the European medicinal cannabis industry. Her strategic vision combined with experience from quality management and specialized training in cannabinoids and regulatory affairs, brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as COO for Balancial GmbH. Christine hold university degrees in Chemistry, French and Pedagogy.

Carla Ferrao

GMP Technician
Carla Ferrao first joined Balancial as GMP Technician but quickly advanced and assumed responsibility for Regulatory Affairs. Prior to joining Balancial Carla worked at the National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark. Carla holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark.

Daniel Petter Lunde

CFO, Balancial AS & Boardmember, Balancial AS.
Daniel is a co-founder of Balancial. Until august 2022, he held the position of CFO. Daniel is strongly committed to grow the company, and is engaged in supporting the team on an overall level. He holds a BSc in Economics and & Administration from BI Norwegian Business School.

Leif Bo Ølgaard

Board Member, Balancial Danmark ApS
Leif has more than 30 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the petrochemical industry. He has, through a varied portfolio of assignments, developed extensive knowledge and experience within consultancy, business development, line management and project management.

Ørnulf Samdal

Chairperson, Balancial AS
Ørnulf is a lawyer with his own practice in Bergen, Norway. He has extensive and international experience from several listed companies in roles such as CEO and Legal Director. He also has extensive strategic experience from numerous board positions. He is educated Cand. Jur.

Trine Teigland

Board Member, Balancial AS
International experience in shipping, marketing, and sales, as well as strategy development and market analysis. Portfolio manager and investor through Teigland Eiendom AS and holds board positions in listed Lifecare.Trine holds an MBA degree.

Bjarte Askeland

Board Member, Balancial AS
Bjarte Askeland is a Consultant Anesthesiologist at Haukeland University Hospital, Department of Anesthesia and Surgical Services. He graduated as a Medical Doctor at University of Bergen in 1985 and qualified as Specialist Anesthesiologist in 1995. He has practiced as an Assistant Doctor at Larvik Hospital and Fredrikstad Hospital, as Consultant Anesthesiologist at Hagavik Hospital and Haukeland University Hospital and as Head of Department at Haukeland University Hospital. He served as Military Doctor for the Norwegian Armed Forces in Afghanistan from 2008 – 2012 and is currently Senior Medical Officer (SMO) for Norwegian Emergency Medical Team (NOR EMT) with missions to Samoa, Bergamo, Lesvos and Haiti 2019-2021. He is a board member in the Norwegian Day Surgery Association (Nordaf) and Chariman of the Board in the Medical Society of Bergen (DMSB). He has a special interest in Chronical Pain and the development of new methods for the treatment of this condition.