Balancial is working to make lives better

At Balancial we are all about balance. Our name is based upon the core idea that balance is the natural desired state of the body. We as humans are always in a state of rebalancing ourselves and our internal system in accordance with the environment around us. Balancial helps reclaim balance for better everyday lives of patients who are in need of help to live a better and more natural life.


Clear vision

We envision a world in which medicinal cannabis is available, safe and a preferred treatment method in Europe, changing millions of lives for the better.

Every day.


Our rigorous focus on quality assurance and quality control means we are only offering products which are fully authorised

Our team of experienced pharmaceutical professionals work every day to perfect processes and procedures that ensure patients and doctors the highest quality products and consistent treatment outcomes.

Licensed by the Danish Medicines Agency



We value our employees, customers and stakeholders by being honest, trustworthy, and a reliable partner.


We are committed to the betterment of society through strong social and ethical responsibilities.


We create winning partnerships based on strong ethics and respect.


We strive for high quality in everything we do and believe that innovation will drive our future success.


We are on a mission to create a medicinal cannabis company with a strong brand renowned for high quality assurance. Through collaborations with industry leaders, our ambition is to provide the highest quality medicinal cannabis products to European markets. Balancial is working to making lives better.

“At Balancial our job is to confer with doctors from various clinical fields, listen to their recommendations and select products to be made available for doctors to prescribe in Denmark.”

Bo Tandrup
CEO, Balancial Denmark


Balancial's premises are located in Herlev, just outside Copenhagen. The facilities holds the highest quality standards and meet EU GMP requirements.

All production activity is regulated by its own Quality Management System (QMS)


Climate control

Quality and GMP "workflow"

Where we are

Balancial has established itself as a brand in the European market for medicinal cannabis and will soon distribute prescription based medicinal cannabis to pharmacies in Denmark.

An emerging industry

Europe is expected to become the world's largest legal cannabis market over the next five years.

Product and patients

Balancial has secured a supply agreement with Australian producer Little Green Pharma Ltd and our products will soon be in the market, subject to Market Authorization License by the Danish Medicines Agency.

Our licencing

On the 22 April 2021, Balancial Danmark ApS received authorisation for activities with euphoriant substances and to manufacture cannabis intermediate products.

Our team of industry experts who work passionately to unfold the potential of medicinal cannabis

Bo Tandrup
Bo has a background in product development and project management in the pharma industry. He is behind several successful start-ups in the pharmaceutical industry and has been hired as an advisor to, among others, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey in processes related to acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry. Bo holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy.
Birgit Bundgaard
Competent Person / Quality Assurance
Birgit Bundgaard joined Balancial in July 2021 as «Competent Person» and is responsible for Balancial's QMS system. Birgit has extensive experience in quality systems and prior to joining Balancial she worked as Qualified Person for Lundbeck. Birgit holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy.
Carla Ferrao
GMP Technician
Carla Ferrao first joined Balancial as GMP Technician but quickly advanced and assumed responsibility for Regulatory Affairs. Prior to joining Balancial Carla worked at the National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark. Carla holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark.
Lars Erik Råen
Chairman, Balancial AS
Background from banking and finance, business development, and as an investor. Has in recent years been involved in development, and financing for several start-ups in Norway and internationally. Co-founder of Balancial and has been a full-time working chairman of the board since 2020. Lars holds a Bachelor of Finance degree from Norwegian School of Business.
Nedim Mavric
Chairman, Balancial Danmark ApS
Nedim is strategy advisor and chairman of the board in Denmark. He has international experience with a background in investment banking and financial markets and is now working as an entrepreneur. Nedim started his career at Nordea Bank and has since been instrumental in setting up several ventures and business lines. Nedim holds a MSc in Business and Financial Economics.
Daniel Petter Lunde
CFO, Balancial AS
Daniel has long and broad experience from the financial sector, where he held different positions within corporate finance. He has since 2017, served as managing partner of the investment and consultancy firm Westpoint Partners (majority shareholder in Balancial). Daniel is a co-founder of Balancial, and took the position as CFO in 2021. He holds a BSc in Economics & Administration, with a major in Business Development.